Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What Have We Learned...So Far?

Well now that's a question, isn't it? Ms. Muck and I often joke that we should both buy and wear Go-Cameras every day, all day. We figure it is the only way to truly capture all the learning that takes place in our room!

The beginning of the year is chock-full of important learning. Some of the biggest learning steps revolve around 'how-to' in our classroom. For example, we are learning how to be readers, writers, and mathematicians. This learning includes how-to sustain our attention for longer periods of time and how-to solve problems as they pop up. We sustain our attention and solve our problems as readers, writers, and mathematicians would. It's all about saying, "Hmmm," and, "I wonder...," and, "Maybe if I tried..." That's the cool of school: not knowing and trying to find out.

We are also learning how to be a positive, productive member of the classroom community. We are realizing that there are so many times during the day for each of us to be leaders by helping out, showing others what to do, and by taking care of our second grade jobs. Leading and learning all around. Knowing how-to helps turn learning into one of our super powers. Zip. Zap. Zoom. We have it.

This week we are learning how-to use soft voices and make quick transitions during the day. We ask each other if we moved quickly, quietly, completed our jobs, and stayed ready. These how-to's help us use our time in effective ways. So here's to how-to; here's to learning; and here's to Seconds!