Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Writing About Reading

Shhh. Don't tell Ms. Bolme's Second Grade class, but we are writing them a letter. The letter is about one of our favorite books, Mrs. Chicken and the Hungry Crocodile.

Whenever writers write, they have a purpose. Our purpose is to convince Ms. Bolme and her students how good this book is. We discovered that before we write, we have to do a little planning. Planning is like slowing down our thinking. During our two days of planning, we uncovered some pretty fancy ideas we didn't think about right away. If we would have just started writing and quickly finished the letter, we would have missed writing about the author and the illustrator. Our whole letter would have been about our favorite part, favorite part, favorite part, and another favorite part. Zzzzz. Kind of boring, don't you think? Since we took time to think and plan, we now have a bunch more interesting ideas to include in our letter.

We can't wait to write our letter and send it to Ms. Bolme's room. Sharing books and letters with friends is way cool. So here's to friends; here's to books, and here's to Seconds!

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