Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Six and Counting

What could the last six days of school possibly hold? A lot really.

As we count down the days, we are building up to publishing our learning about weather. Like all authors always, we are thinking about the message we have to share and the best form in which to share it. Right now we are producing poems, posters, booklets, and maps depicting what we know. The cool part is that the more we write, the more we read, the more we learn. There's a pattern or cycle in there somewhere...just like the weather! No doubt we will mix in a science exploration or two before we are all through.

The remaining days are also chock full of special events. This week we will enjoy the Second Grade Bike Rodeo. Yee-ha. Helmets off to Ms. Allen for organizing this event that instills confidence and safety in all the cyclists in second grade.

While the days are quickly decreasing, the learning and growing are increasing. Until we cross the finish line, here's to the weather; here's to the rodeo; and here's to Seconds.

Monday, May 9, 2016

On the Run

"How many laps did you run?" That was the question last Thursday as the Woodland community concluded our spring fundraiser with the Apex Fun Run. Round and round we went. With each step, each lap we earned some fast cash for Woodland. For some of us, the two-plus miles was a sprint. For others of us it was all about the pacing. And for the rest of us?? To finish was to win. Here's to the winners!

Meanwhile back inside Room 223, we are keeping a weather-eye out. Yup. Our attention has turned skyward as we explore the science of weather. And let me tell you, it's a downpour of information and interest. Why there's the water cycle, the clouds, storms, the temperature, sun, wind, and precipitation of all kinds. With so much to think about, the meteorologists in our room will be working overtime.

While we research we remain readers and writers. Our ongoing goals in writing are to communicate a clear message and to use correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelling in all of our written work. The first steps for many of us are being aware and paying attention. When we pause and think, many of us can include most of these writing conventions in our pieces. It's a matter of going slow enough to show what we know.

In reading, the big focus is to increase our ability to infer what a writer does not directly put in print. We are working on understanding the concept of character traits and how authors give hints about them. It's all about picking up clues when we read, adding our own thoughts that relate, and ending up with an interpretation that makes sense given what we are reading. We are also paying more attention to reading multi-syllable words now that our books are getting longer and longer.

Through it all, we continue to grow as students and good humans. Each day we talk, read, and sing together. As a group of second graders, we rock. In fact, that's our song for the week, We Will Rock You. And we will. And we do.

So here's to running; here's to finishing; here's to rocking, and here's to Seconds.