Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Six and Counting

What could the last six days of school possibly hold? A lot really.

As we count down the days, we are building up to publishing our learning about weather. Like all authors always, we are thinking about the message we have to share and the best form in which to share it. Right now we are producing poems, posters, booklets, and maps depicting what we know. The cool part is that the more we write, the more we read, the more we learn. There's a pattern or cycle in there somewhere...just like the weather! No doubt we will mix in a science exploration or two before we are all through.

The remaining days are also chock full of special events. This week we will enjoy the Second Grade Bike Rodeo. Yee-ha. Helmets off to Ms. Allen for organizing this event that instills confidence and safety in all the cyclists in second grade.

While the days are quickly decreasing, the learning and growing are increasing. Until we cross the finish line, here's to the weather; here's to the rodeo; and here's to Seconds.

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