Monday, September 28, 2015

Individuals as Teammates

Happy Monday! Wow, who knew we were going to have a fire drill today? No one in our room. After the drill we met to discuss how things went. We decided we lined up, walked out, and took care of ourselves quite well--even though the alarm was a big SURPRISE! During our discussion, we also decided we needed to be quieter when lining up and simply say, "Here," when we get to our safety spot. That's what a good teammate would do.

Each person in our room is a unique individual. When we come together, we are still individuals, but we also form a team. It's an odd idea isn't it? Really it's making one out of many. This idea is why we are working so hard on helping everyone be individually and independently responsible. We listen, make transitions, and do our jobs independently, so our class team can work well and learn together. It's the individual links in a chain that make it strong; it's the individuals in our room that make us a strong team.

In the coming weeks, we will continue to explore the behaviors that support our learning: getting along, listening, using our work time, being kind, safe, respectful, and responsible. So here's to great Teammates and here's to Seconds!

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